Thursday, December 11, 2008

Custom work

I've been so super busy with the Christmas Season approaching! I've had a bunch of custom orders, and they've been really fun to make! Here are a few photos of some of the Giraffes I've been producing lately:

A toddler and teether made from a Didy Katja wrap

A toddler and a teether made from a Miami Hopp.

Teether made with some beautiful purple flowery fabric a customer sent in.

Here's a cute trio made from a set of coordinating fat quarters a customer sent in. They turned out so cute!

Friday, October 24, 2008

New! Organic Teething Giraffes

New at Starbright Baby! Organic Teething Giraffes!

These cute giraffes are made with 100% organic cotton fabric. The stuffing is our usual renewable and eco friendly fiberfill (made with corn!) that is hypoallergenic.




Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Customs!

I finished up some custom Teething Giraffes this weekend.

First up, is a cute set of 2 Dinos and 1 giraffe made from an Iris Didy. The Dinos turned out so
cute, I'm offering it as a custom in my shop!

Also, a really talented lady from TBW sent me a scrap of a wrap that she had woven herself!!! It was just amazing to see, and I feel so lucky I got to work with the material. The weave is so intricate and beautiful, and it feels like it probably wraps like a dream! (It makes a pretty cute Giraffe too!)

I also got a request from a customer to make a larger sized giraffe for her little one. It turned out so cute! I also decided to list this as a custom option. I call it the "Toddler Giraffe" and it's approx 11" x 5" x 2.5"

Here it is next to a regular-sized Teething Giraffe. It's perfect for the big brother/big sister that is always stealing the baby's Teething Giraffe! (trust me... my little 3 year-old niece is ALWAYS stealing her little sister's giraffes!)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Freezer Giraffe

My sister is the person who prodded me to make these cute giraffes. She lives 8 hours away, and while on a visit here, her sweet little 3 year old daughter latched onto my son's Teething Giraffe that a friend had given us when he was born. We actually had to hide it the night before they left or she would have taken it home!

I asked my friends where we could get another giraffe to give my niece. Unfortunately, their grandmother who had passed on was the one who made the giraffe.

A few months later, my sister came to visit again, and again her little girl carried the giraffe around with her everywhere she went. I knew I had to try and make one for her before she left. I ended up making 5, and she clutched all of them in her little fist (by the necks!) and was so delighted that she was able to take them home!

My sister now has another daughter who is 1 and teething a lot right now. Lulu has been whiny and irritated all day. Tylenol didn't help, teething tablets didn't help, and she only took a 1 hour nap! My sister was at a loss of what to do to help her little Lulu!

She spied a giraffe across the room and decided to do something drastic... she dunked his head in water, soaking it, and stuck him in the freezer until he was almost all the way frozen.

Lulu grabbed the giraffe and went to town. The cold felt good on her teeth, and it was still her familiar friendly giraffe. No plastic, no bpa's just cotton and ice.

When my sister called she said that Lulu is the happiest chewing on that cold giraffe than she has been all day. It feels great to have been able to help from so far away!

Here she is last summer chomping away! Little sweetie!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Someone Blogged about my Giraffes!

Wowza! I always feel so blessed when someone notices these little guys and gives them a shout-out!

I was featured on a blog of a fellow etsian!

This Humble Abode

She makes these adorable lovies:

How cool!!!

New Giraffes!

There are a few new giraffes that were posted yesterday.


I just love this apple fabric from the Farmer's Market collection!


Haven is another Farmer's Market fabric colorway. She's named after one of my little guy's sweet little friends! I don't know why, but the pinks and reds just remind me of her.


Jayne is such a cute print. I found this fabric at a little shop that was going out of business in a teeny Iowa town. It's the perfect scale for a little giraffe!

Some Customs I made last week

I received this fabric from a nice mama from TBW. She had two carriers made from this fabric, and wanted giraffes to match! I think they turned out pretty darn cute.

I'm not sure of the name of this fabric ...

This is the beloved "Disco Dot" and it looks so great on a giraffe!


I've been meaning to start a blog for Starbright Baby since it started up, and just now have a minute to do it! I'll be posting photos of custom giraffes, new products, new lines and other fun things here.

I have a ton of ideas for Starbright Baby, and this will be a fun place to showcase them all!

Thanks for looking!