Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Customs!

I finished up some custom Teething Giraffes this weekend.

First up, is a cute set of 2 Dinos and 1 giraffe made from an Iris Didy. The Dinos turned out so
cute, I'm offering it as a custom in my shop!

Also, a really talented lady from TBW sent me a scrap of a wrap that she had woven herself!!! It was just amazing to see, and I feel so lucky I got to work with the material. The weave is so intricate and beautiful, and it feels like it probably wraps like a dream! (It makes a pretty cute Giraffe too!)

I also got a request from a customer to make a larger sized giraffe for her little one. It turned out so cute! I also decided to list this as a custom option. I call it the "Toddler Giraffe" and it's approx 11" x 5" x 2.5"

Here it is next to a regular-sized Teething Giraffe. It's perfect for the big brother/big sister that is always stealing the baby's Teething Giraffe! (trust me... my little 3 year-old niece is ALWAYS stealing her little sister's giraffes!)

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Sarah AJ said...

Oh my gosh, *love* the dino!