Friday, February 10, 2012

What to do?

My littlest Starbright Baby is 9 months old (almost 10! Waaah! Where does the time go!) Right now, she and my 2 year old have epic battles over *his* favorite toy, his ride-on choo choo. (By "epic battle" I mean he says "No BeeBee! MY choo choo!!!" and drives it away while the baby wails in disapointment.) I am thinking about getting her the same toy, but then I just know the minute I do, they'll move on to other things to have epic battles over. I keep hoping the two year-old's obsession with his choo choo will go away so the baby can claim it, but it's not happening! *sigh* I think it's time to visit my local toy seller. :giggle

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